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Wednesday August 31 on The Lost Refuge
18:00 Europe Time ( Spain)
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Yendor Seventyone heeft een evenement gedeeld op de tijdlijn van Frantic Vermin. ... See MoreSee Less

Stomping Festival ~ Special otmapp in Montpellier (France)

November 11, 2016, 7:00pm - November 13, 2016, 1:00pm

11, 12 & 13 novembre 2016 Secret Place - Montpellier (France) 6th edition of the annual Psychobilly festival by TAF Production. Stomping comes back from the depths of rock n hell, for a bloody great and very special OTMAPP edition! The 3 days will be be dedicated to the King of Psychobilly himself : THE METEORS special set, rarities + PAUL FENECH special set, and many other surprises! Stay tuned for more ! Evenings of friday and saturday will end at 3am ! Program : Friday 7 : 00 pm : Special and unique THE METEORS show with rarities ! + THE GRISWALDS (Psychobilly - UK) + FRANTIC VERMIN (Hard Rockin' Billy - Pays Bas) + MAD BIRDS (Punkabilly - Montpellier) Saturday 7 : 00 pm : King of Psychobilly THE METEORS show + THE SNAKES (Psychobilly - Italie) + MIDNIGHT MANIAX (Psychobilly - Allemagne) + SMELL OF KAT (Neo Rockabilly - Espagne) Sunday 3 : 00 pm : Mix show with PAUL FENECH solo, THE LEGENDARY RAW DEAL, THE METEORS songs and SURFIN DEAD ! Fee : 1 night (Friday and saturday) = 35€ adh* 3 days ticket = 70€ adh* *Compulsory suscription 3€ (to be bought on arrival) Hotels nearby the venue : Sun Hotel - FULL ! Patio del Sol For all information in English (access, accomodation...) : .................................................................................................................. 6ème édition du festival Psychobilly annuel organisé par TAF Production. Le Stomping revient des abysses du rock n' hell pour une foutue belle et très spéciale édition OTMAPP ! Les 3 jours seront consacrés au King Of Psychobilly THE METEORS: show inédit, special set, rarities + PAUL FENECH special set, et plein d'autres surprises! Stay tuned pour plus d'infos! Les soirées du vendredi et samedi se termineront à 3h, histoire de profiter jusqu'au bout ! Programme : Vendredi - 19h : Show unique The Meteors avec de nombreux morceaux rares et inédits ! + THE GRISWALDS (Psychobilly - UK) + FRANTIC VERMIN (Hard Rockin' Billy - Pays Bas) + MAD BIRDS (Punkabilly - Montpellier) Samedi - 19h : Show The Meteors King of Psychobilly + The Snakes (Psychobilly - Italie) + MIDNIGHT MANIAX (Psychobilly - Allemagne) + SMELL OF KAT (Neo Rockabilly - Espagne) Dimanche - 15h : Show mix avec des morceaux Paul Fenech solo, Legendary Raw Deal, The Meteors and Surfin Dead ! Tarifs : 1 soirée (Vendredi et samedi) = 35€ adh* Pass 3 jours = 70€ adh* * Adhésion de 3€ obligatoire (en vente sur place) Infos pratiques en détail :

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Just heard.. The Tumblin' Gogo's are replacing us :-) HEINO 16th of April! ... See MoreSee Less

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Jammer genoeg moeten we vermelden dat Frantic Vermin wegens omstandigheden niet kkan optreden op het "Festival rond de Pomp" festival... maar ik, (Bert..) zal wel komen kijken ;-)
En als alles goed komt is er een passende vervanging....
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Hell Yeah! ... See MoreSee Less

Het was een flinke puzzel, maar we zijn eruit, de timetable voor Festival rond de Pomp! Met nieuwe namen o.a. Tricklebolt, Frantic Vermin en heel veel leuks voor jong en oud in het GRATIS middagprogramma!

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Lets have a Bio..

How did we get here ?

Frantic Vermin was formed in 1982 in Heerenveen by Bert Jan, Marcel, Norbert & Frank as a rockabillyband called The Alley Cats. This was during a time when every band started to call themselves “….Cats” so the name was soon dropped and changed into Frantic Vermin.


During the early 80-s Frantic Vermin developed from rockabilly to psychobilly, without betraying their rockabily roots. In 1986 they appeared on the Cool Cat Go Ape LP and were supporting bands like Frenzy and Batmobile. However also in 1986 3 of the boys were drafted for their militairy service. And that was basically the end of the original band. There was a line-up change, Frank who didn’t need to serve, left to form the band Crackle Rattle Bash, he was replaced by a guy called Marko but come 1988 Frantic Vermin was over and done with.

FFWD to 2009. A tape with 2-track “live-in-the-practiceroom” recordings emerged from an old box on a loft. It was very well received by the people who had a listen to the songs. Fuelled by this enthousiasm the boys started to put the band back together again. In Feb. 2010, Frantic Vermin set foot in to the rehearsalroom again for the first time in 20 years, with a slight change in the original line up with Arjan Wiersma as Guitarist. In September 2010 the boys played in England for the first time at the “Bedlam Breakout #10 Weekender” and where asked back to play in the next edition “Bedlam Breakout #11 weekender” in March 2011 as well.

In march 2011 the recorded a 5 track Demo CD, which was received pretty well by Rockin’ and Non-Rockin’ audiences alike. Highlights for 2011 where the gigs at Bedlam Breakout, the US-Cars and bikers meeting and gigs in Germany and Belgium.


In April 2012 we entered the studio ‘Landscape’ in Gauw to record our first full Album in our 30 years existence. Being our first record it took a long time to get the sound right so it happend that in Juli 2013 while finaly finalizing and working towards the end mix we all were suddenly shocked by the news that Norbert (the drummer) died of a massive heartattack while on Holidays in Bali. After this sad news and the fact we played a few songs on Norbert’s Memorial we decided to pick things up with the band with Rodney on drums. Rodney was already part of the band from 2011 on as roadie, soundman, mental coach and fill-in drummer for Norbert on the occassion that Norbert was absent on one of his frequent holidays during 2012 and 2013. Norbert lived the last years of his live to the max, enjoying all of it till his unsuspected end.

December 2013, saw the birth of the first CD and was dedicated and named in honour of Norbert ‘Schmutz’ Smits.

Frantic Vermin First full length CD.. it's just Schmutzzz!!!

Frantic Vermin First full length CD.. it’s just Schmutzzz!!!